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All Tribes House of Prayer (ATHOP) is Open

Join us for any of our prayer sessions listed below.


LOCATION: (Upstairs ATHOP Room)  79 East Pomfret Street, Carlisle, PA 17013


MONDAY             5:30pm  to  6:30pm  ~  Intercession 

                                 7pm  to  8:30pm  ~  Raising Up Prophetic Warriors & Watchmen Training

TUESDAY           4:30pm  to  5:30pm  ~ The Prayer Furnace  (Intercession or Worship & the Word )                                   

WEDNESDAY   12:30pm  to  1:30pm  ~  Intercession for the Nations                                   


THURSDAY     4:30pm  to  5:30pm ~  Intercession for the Harvest in City    


FRIDAY          6pm to 7pm  for the 1st  & 4th Friday of each month   (Intercession)                

                               5:30pm to 6:15pm for the 2nd Friday each month   (Intercession)  

SATURDAY     5pm to 6:30pm  ~  Intercession and Prophetic Worship   

SUNDAY          ~                                                                     

PRAYER REQUESTS can be sent to:

These prayer requests will be included in the daily prayer sessions for that week.

Several of these sessions are on our Facebook Page

Click image below to go to our FB Page

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