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First I want to  thank you all for your willingness to join us for arrows of Glory this year  but unfortunately  we have  had to make the decision to  postpone our gathering  for a few reason we have listed below.  Although disappointed  our team has  peace about this  decision and believe the Lord will reveal another date potentially this year as we begin to pray and seek Him for next steps.  Since to us this is more than just a conference but a global family reunion we are eager and want to actively try to find a window in the near future that we can come together again. 


A  few reason why we are postponing. this gathering now in relationship to the Covid -19 issues.


 1) The main hotel we are using  just contacted us yesterday and most likely will cancel all events within the  next two weeks. 


 2) Vital staff and  key note guests are having trouble getting here as more travel restrictions are implemented. 


3) Responsibility and deep concern  not  to  put any  of  our elders  that have some underlying health concerns in arms way,  


4) A sense of  civic  responsibility to our community as we really  can’t control those coming  representing  over 18 states in the US  and beyond  who may be  carries of the virus even with no  apparent symptoms present,  as well  as us here that may in turn introduce the virus to our traveling  guests. 

We will keep you all posted to potential new dates.


David Rosen 

STEPS TO Register 


early Bird registration: Open to March 1, 2020
Single Registration  is $115.00  This includes access to All Tribes DC Gourmet  Banquet on Saturday 
Couples $220.00 All includes access for 2 to our All Tribes DC Gourmet Banquet on Saturday 


We will be offering  a special  visit and tour at the US Army War college  which sits on the original grounds of the Carlisle Indian Boarding School most likely Friday Afternoon 230-430PM ( ONLY FILL OUT IF INTERESTED IN TOUR ON FRIDAY AFTERNOON)

Please fill out this document attached (HERE) and scan/email it to for base access IT Is very important you get forms completed and back to us 30 days before event.  



  • IMPORTANT - When filling out form only fill top section above government sponsor section and sign at bottom.


Please send a scanned copy of each Non-US registrants passport to ALONG WITH YOUR FILLED OUT FORM 


Event Info


Dear Friends,

This year the Lord impressed upon us that this gathering needs to be a leaders advance called THE CHARGE. As David had 400 Mighty ones in the cave in preparation to receive His kingdom, we want to invite 400 mighty sons and daughters that refuse to play church and live in mediocrity, but want to receive the charge of heaven and are actually going to go forth and do something with it!!!! So whether you lead one, or many, or you just know you were created for something greater on the earth this may be for you


Please prayerfully consider standing with us as we gather in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, a place of historic pain for the First Nations people and ground zero for the first federally released Indian boarding school which served as a model for all other boarding schools. Ten thousand First Nations sons and daughters were brought to this boarding school from all over Turtle Island with the mission to “kill the Indian but save the man.” We carry a vision to see 10,000 First Nations sons and daughters go forth as Arrows of Glory for the awakening of Turtle Island, the nations of the earth and even unto Israel. 


Many who have joined us  for past gathering know that these gathering are much more than your traditional conference. Our gatherings are a collision of kingdom relationships, divine appointments, a cross pollination of life, destinies & purposes revealed and a special reunion of His One New Man global family.


We look forward with excitement to being together with you soon. 

Shalom and Blessings in Messiah,

David and Terri Rosen, Together International and All Tribes DC

March 25th  Wednesday Evening 7:00PM Opening Session  

Welcome by Mary Faus   Speaker Chief Kenny Blacksmith  Worship Jamie Fitt and PTOD Team 


March 26 Thursday Morning 10:00Am Session 

Speakers   Dr Mike Hutchings (Global Awakening) Worship: Jamie Fitt and PTOD Team 


March 26 Thursday Afternoon 230PM -5:00PM    Breakout Session 

The Profits Corner  Ed Watts James Nesbit and  Andre Ashby 

Prophetic Worship: Jamie Fitt and Friends.


March 26 Thursday  Afternoon 230-500PM Breakout Session 

All Tribes House of Prayer Set   Carol Kiger Rice and Team 

& First Nations Dance instruction and teaching by Rita Bear Grey 


March 26 Thursday Evening 7:00 pm Session 

Speaker Will Ford   Worship:  Robby Cummings  and Team


 March 27 Friday Morning  BreakoutSessions at The Shalom Center 10:00AM-12:00PM

Speaker   DR Greg Crawford in the Main Sanctuary   Worship:  Todd Papa Bear Finney and Friends. 

Speaker    Jeff Collins In the Parlor room   Worship:  Alex Castillo and Friends unplugged.


March 27 Friday Celebration and Dedication Service  over the Land and building of the Shalom Center, The All Tribes House of Prayer  and The Nehimiah Prayer Walkway  12:15 -12:45PM   Leading us  is All Tribes DC Team and Friends.


March 27 Friday Afternoon Options 

1)   Field Trip to the grounds Carlisle Indian Boarding School on the  US Army War College campus 230PM 

 2) Apostolic Women Arising Session  At The Shalom Center   245-445PM   Dr Kathy Holcomb, Mary Faus and Martha Schmidt 


March 27 Friday Night Session 700PM 

Speaker   Rick Ridings and Worship with Shilo Ben Hod. From Israel.

March 28 Saturday Morning 10:00Am Session 

 Willy Jock Welcome Ceremony    Speakers  Jon and Jolene Hamill    Worship: OKAMA


March 28 Saturday Afternoon ALL Tribes DC Gourmet Banquet

Location: Comfort Suites in Downtown Carlisle PA. 

Speakers   Dr Bigpond   And Chief Reynard Faber  

Worship Robby Cummings and Team 


March 28 Saturday Night Open Heaven Final Session  at The Shalom Center   7:00PM -930 PM followed by  A Food and Fellowship Afterglow party 

 Speaker Jeff Collins   Worship: Shilo Ben Hod from Israel 


Chief Kenny Blacksmith

Kenny and Louise Blacksmith are Cree from the Cree Nation of Mistissini of Quebec. As well as being ordained ministers through the Independent Assemblies of God International – Canada, they are both translators and linguists who translated the Bible into Cree.

They have worked extensively in Aboriginal communities: Louise as a schoolteacher and Kenny as a social worker, alcohol and drug abuse counselor, Vice-President, President, and then Commissioner for the Cree School Board. Kenny has also served as Deputy Grand Chief of the Grand Council of Crees of Quebec, the Director General of Aanischeukamuk Cree Museum in Northern Quebec. Kenny served as President of the Sacred Assembly Foundation and member of the Aboriginal Council of World Vision Canada. Kenny is an Aboriginal Management Consultant and is certified in Appreciative Inquiry from Case Western University, Alabama. The Privy Council of Canada recently appointed Kenny to the Canadian Race Relations Foundation. Kenny and Louise established KLB Resources Inc., an aboriginal owned and operated business, providing multi-contracting services.

Rick Ridings from Succat Hallel in Jerusalem, Israel

Rick and Patti Ridings are based in Jerusalem, where they founded and lead Succat Hallel, a ministry that lifts up worship and intercession, 24 hours a day from their facility overlooking the Temple Mt., Mt. Zion, and the Mt. of Olives. They provide oversight to teams that have helped in the encouragement and nurturing of new houses of prayer in Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, and United Arab Emirates.  

photo: Carino Casas

They also seek to serve the youth of Israel, and host the largest yearly youth conference there (several hundred youth, both Jewish messianic and Arab Christians).  

Rick and Patti are considered leaders in the global prayer and worship movement.  Their passion is to see a generation raised up that will give themselves fully in love and ministry to the Lord and who will serve the purposes of God in their generation. 

Rick has ministered on GOD TV and hosts television segments called “Watchmen on the Walls of Jerusalem” shown on “Behind the Scenes” at TBN (according to official ratings, this program has an estimated one million viewers).

Rick has ministered in over 40 nations, speaking for churches, conferences, and Bible and leadership training schools. He and Patti have three married daughters, all in worship ministry, and thirteen grandchildren.

Visit the Succat Hallel website here:

Dr Mike Hutchings (Global Awakening)

Dr. Mike Hutchings has 35 years of pastoral, church planting, and “pastoring pastors” experience in a variety of church cultures, including Baptist, Vineyard, “seeker-sensitive”, and charismatic Mennonite. He was part of the Leadership Team of a Transforming Revival Pastors’ Group in Peoria Illinois where the city experienced significant transformation through the power of prayer and unity.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts from Judson University, a Master of Divinity in Counseling from Northern Seminary, a Doctor of Theology from Phoenix University of Theology and is currently a candidate for the Doctor of Ministry degree from United Theological Seminary. The subject of his dissertation is “Treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Through Reproducible Spiritual Strategies.” This dissertation documents the many cases of post traumatic stress disorder (military and civilian) that Mike has seen healed through the power of healing prayer. He has also conducted “Healing PTSD” training seminars throughout the country, training prayer ministers, clergy, chaplains, and counselors to utilize a healing prayer model to bring healing and restoration to those suffering with PTSD.

Mike has also worked as a licensed behavioral therapist in private practice counseling and was clinical coordinator for a counseling program serving homeless and runaway youth and their families. He is currently the Director of Education for Global Awakening. He directs the Global School of Supernatural Ministry and the Global Certification Programs.

He is passionate about connecting pastors and leaders throughout the body of Christ to come together for transformation of their cities and equipping others to minister healing and wholeness. He travels to churches and conferences near military bases in the United States equipping the church to minister healing to those who suffer from PTSD. He has been married to his wife, Roxanne for 33 years, and has three children and three grandchildren.

Dr. Negiel Bigpond

Dr. Negiel Bigpond has been in ministry for over thirty years and has been both evangelist and pastor, evangelizing in over 143 native reservations and currently serves as Apostle of Morning Star Church of All Nations. He is an accomplished musician and singer and is also a certified drug and alcohol abuse counselor. Dr. Bigpond is a full-blood Euchee (Yuchi) Indian and a fourth generation minister of the gospel. He and his wife Jan have been married for 39 years and have three children, two sons-in-law, one daughter-in-law, and six grandchildren.

Dr. Bigpond has spent time in Washington D.C. to work with Senator Sam Brownback (ret.) of Kansas regarding H.J. RES. 46, which is a joint resolution of apology to Native peoples for ill-conceived policies by the U.S. government regarding Indian tribes. Because of his tireless work with this resolution, Charisma Magazine named him one of the ten most influential Christian leaders of 2006. He is also involved with Native America Justice Gate east of the Mississippi, which deals with land reconciliation in the eastern states. Dr. Bigpond has received various keys to cities and proclamations from governors and mayors from his work in the east. He is also on the boards of the several ministries and provides an apostolic covering for many ministers as a member of C. Peter Wagner’s International Coalition of Apostles.

Dr. Bigpond has traveled worldwide, representing Christian Native Americans preaching and teaching God’s Word. Inspired by his involvement in Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network, he founded the Native American Apostolic Prayer Circle, which establishes prayer teams who are skilled in spiritual warfare and intercession for the Native people and issues that concern them. Out of this, God has given him Spirit Wind, which is a prayer day focusing on the Five Civilized Tribes and their leaders. Tribes gather each year for this event.

God has also given Dr. Bigpond the vision of Two Rivers Native American Training Center, in which he is president and co-founder. The training center is a Christian military training base camp for the purpose of dealing with occult and territorial enemy strongholds on reservations and other locations throughout the U.S.

Will Ford

Will Ford III is the Director of the Marketplace Leadership Major at Christ For The Nations Institute in Dallas, TX and is the founder of Hilkiah Ministries. Many know him internationally, however, for his family heirloom passed down through history, and its connection to slavery and prayer for freedom.

As a leader in the prayer movement, Will uses this “prayer bowl” (Rev. 5:8) as a catalyst for mobilizing prayer and teaching on intercession, revival and societal transformation. He believes that it was the prayers of a godly remnant of all races—who were revivalists and abolitionists—that brought revival to America and ultimately ended slavery. Receiving their mantle from yesterday, Will is actively training a new generation to release justice to the most marginalized today.

Will is a father of four. He and his wife Dehavilland live in Dallas, TX.

Jon and Jolene Hamill

Jon and Jolene Hamill are passionate followers of Jesus Christ. They love to share His heart and word nationally and internationally through ministry and media. Founders of Lamplighter Ministries, they reside in the metro Washington DC area.

Jon and Jolene are popular speakers in conferences and churches throughout America. They also love ministering internationally, and have taught and shared prophetically in Canada, Israel, Germany and Sierra Leone. They are the authors of the recently-published book Midnight Cry as well as the popular guide Crown and Throne: A Field Guide to Spiritual Revolution. In 2016 Jon and Jolene led a prayer and revival journey called the Glory Train, touching all 50 states with God’s promise for national turnaround.

In addition, Jon and Jolene have authored numerous prophetic teachings which have appeared on the Elijah List, in Charisma Magazine and other publications.

Williee Jock.JPG
Willie and Sandy Jock

Willie is senior pastor and co-founder along with his wife Sandy, of New Life Christian Church located on the Mohawk territory of Akwesasne in Northern New York state and Canada. Willie is a member of the Mohawk Nation of the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy and has a heart to see life giving healing centers established on all Iroquois territories, as well as other indigenous settings.

Mary Faus.JPG
Mary Faus. Ojibway-Cree

A full blood Ojibwe-Cree First Nations woman, Mary’s heart’s desire is to see Every Tribe pray from a place of intimate relationship with Yeshua, our tribal King and Judge. Born and raised in Weagamow Lake, Ontario Canada, and a member of the North Caribou Lake Band, Mary moved to Pennsylvania in 1989 when she married her husband Jon. She has traveled, ministering the love and heart of the Father and Yeshua in Germany, Kenya, across North America known as Turtle Island.  She is a passionate warrior of prayer, prophetic intercessor and articulate teacher. Together, Jon and Mary are Key holders within the Key Fellowship Headquartered in Harrisburg, PA, serve as Intercessors on the Hopewell Network of Churches and are Alumni at the Two Rivers Native American Training Centre in Oklahoma where Mary is a 1st LT officer and instructor. They also serve as Trans-local Elders of The Shalom Center, a Messianic Congregation in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.    Currently, Mary is on the All Tribes DC Executive Board and Director of the Reading House of Prayer in Reading, Pennsylvania. Mary also serves as a Prayer Facilitator on the USAWatch for Native America within the East and Central Time Zones.

jeff collins.jpg
Jeff Collins

Jeff and Milicent Collins served in many facets of local church ministry and short term missions before pastoring and planting churches in Texas. They resigned the pastorate to obey the call of God to, “like Abraham and Sarah, go out not knowing where.” God has been faithful to lead them throughout the nations. Having been in over forty countries, their predominant focus at this time is Europe and the Middle East. Parts of Asia, Africa, North and South America, as well as the islands of the seas are also calling.

Kathy Holcomb.JPG
Dr. Kathy Holcomb

“Kathy” has been adopted by the Euchee and Cheyanne tribes. Born to European parents God supernaturally joined her heart to Native American many years ago. She has a passion to see reconciliation and healing between all of God’s people. Kathy has worked with Dr. Negiel Bigpond and the late Dr. Jay Swallow for the past twenty years participating in many identificational repentance services, prayer walks and lobbying for the joint resolution of apology to Native America.  She is an instructor at Two Rivers Native America Training Center (TRNATC) and a TRNATC board member.  She serves as Co-Leader of First Nations Peoples with the Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network as well as Tulsa Regional Leader of the Oklahoma Apostolic Prayer Network.  She is a member of WSL, Women in Strategic Leadership, an International leadership group lead by Naomi Dowdy of Singapore. Kathy is the Founder and Presiding Apostle of Breakthrough Church in Tulsa Oklahoma. The Founder of Third Day Ministries, spiritual oversight for several gospel leaders and an author. She resides with her husband Dan in Coweta Oklahoma.  The Holcomb’s have three married sons and five grandchildren.

Greg Crawford.JPG
Dr. Greg Crawford

Greg Crawford is President and founder of Jubilee International Ministries and Jubilee School of Ministry. He holds a PHD in Ministry Philosophy and is ordained through Federation of Ministries and Churches International. He has also founded Jubilee School of Ministry comprised of both international schools, two satellite schools in the USA and an online web based training school. He moves in a revelatory teaching style and has a unique gift of impartation through laying on of hands.

Apostle Crawford has a desire to see spiritual awakening come into the Body of Christ and is focused upon this and the training of a new breed of leader. Spiritual fathering, leadership training, and creating an atmosphere of creative release are all things imparted and taught to emerging generations. He has traveled internationally conducting leadership conferences and also travels in the United States speaking as well.

James Nesbit

Prepare the Way Ministries International is an intercessory ministry that was founded in 2001 with the purpose of calling every bloodline and family tree to the original intent and fullness of destiny that Father has for them.

Ministry overseer James Nesbit has been used by God to help prepare the way for the awakening in America through strategic-level intercessory assignments. He has unique insight and understanding.

James is also the overseer of Mountain Alliance of Illinois, HAPN state coordinator for Illinois, and overseer for the region named Joy Number Nine, which includes the states of Missouri, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan.

In 2011 James led a 51-day worship assignment (40 days in Washington D.C. and 11 days in Philadelphia – you can read more about that assignment by clicking here) that changed his life and launched him into leadership of Tribe Quantum, a community of Neos Era worship warriors who experiment with new sounds and expressions of prophetic worship. Click here or on the "Tribe Quantum" links at the top of the page for more insight into this fascinating tribe of quantum worship warriors.  

Ed Watts

Ed Watts serves as the apostolic leader of Gateway Church and the director of Gateway HOPE Center (House of Prayer & Equipping Center) in Flint, Michigan. Ed’s ministry style is prophetic and evangelistic in nature. Ed loves the presence of God and carries the wisdom and fire of the Holy Spirit. He has been commissioned by Heaven to be a voice of reformation and awakening to the church and our nation. The Lord has given him a mandate to see regions transformed by authoritative prayer and the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Ed operates in a strong prophetic anointing to help the Body of Christ know the time, the season, and the strategy of heaven for kingdom advancement. He is ordained and affiliated with BAMN (Breakthrough Apostolic Ministry Network), which is under the leadership of Apostle Barbara Yoder.   Ed has a B. A. degree in Bible from Central Bible College, and has many years of experience in urban evangelism and leading large evangelistic crusades.

Martha Schmitt

Martha Schmitt is an intercessor and has been called to reach Native Americans to come into their full destiny, awareness and spirituality for the Kingdom of God. She is involved with God’s ER (deliverance/emotional/healing) ministry at Victory Christian Center in Tulsa, OK.

She has participated in strategic prayer walks in Washington DC.  Martha and her husband, David, sponsors the “The Redeemed Children Home” in Yangon, Myanmar.

Chief  Reynard Faber
Chief Faber is the Honorary and Traditional Chief of the Jicacrilla Apache people and received his Bachelor's degree from Liberty University. Through his work with Samaritan's Purse he server and engages Native American peoples throughout North America. An avid student of the Bible, Reynard Faber has gleaned much from the mouth of God. By making application to his personal life he is able to draw the Spirit-filled concepts that make up the presentations he gives to the churches around the world designed to draw them to a deeper well of experience with Him.

Rita Bear Grey

Rita travels the globe with a message of hope in Jesus. "If you are a First Nations person, Jesus gives you back your songs, your language and your dances-everything about you that makes you who you are as a Native person.” Rejected by her native mother, Rita, turned her back on her culture. However, as God began to work in her life, He began to re-awaken her cultural roots through dreams and visions. As she embraced who she was in Him, deep wounds were healed and she was free to be who she was made to be. Rita counsels addicts in recovery, serves women with Wiconi International and Women’s Aglow and as the Washington State Director for the International Reconciliation Coalition for Indigenous People.


Special Appearance  from John Thorpe, the grandson of  Jim Thorpe

one of the greatest indigenous athletes of all time who went to the Carlisle Indian Boarding School 


Shilo Ben Hod from Israel                   Andre Ashby 

jamie Fitt 

Todd PapaBear Finney

Robby Cummings 


Alex and Brandi Castillo

comfort suites .jpg

Lodging for arrows of Glory 

(COmFort Suites will be the Hotel that we are holding our conference in except for our Saturday All Tribes DC Banquet inthe afternoon at the US Army WAR College)   


We have  booked a block of rooms at the Comfort Suites Downtown Carlisle, Carlisle, PA. Please note rooms need to be booked by the cutoff date of Tuesday, Mar 3, 2020 or they’ll be released to the general public. Reserve your room online or call the hotel directly. *See below for terms.

Below is the information you need to make your reservation. 

Group Name: Arrows of Glory "The Charge"- GROUP
Group Code: HI97U3


Room Rate of $89.00 per night 

Reserve Your Room Now 

Comfort Suites Downtown Carlisle
10 S. Hanover Street,
Carlisle, PA, US, 17013
+1 (717) 960-1000

Property Info & Directions


Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham Carlisle. (5 Min drive from event)

Special rate of $65.00/ Night for Double Queeen Room 


To make a reservation, guests should call this phone number and ask them for the Group code 


The phone number to call is 1.800.337.0050

And the group code to ask for is CGGW32





4.8123 Google reviews

2-star hotel


Address: 15 Westminster Dr, Carlisle, PA 17013

Phone: (717) 850-3679


Hampton Inn Carlisle

We have blocked rooms at 99.00 per night for Arrows of Glory (8-10 min drive to event)

Call hotel to book room





4.3316 Google reviews

3-star hotel


Address: 1164 Harrisburg Pike, Carlisle, PA 17013

Phone: (717) 240-0200

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